It is generally believed that the Louisiana LaGrange families are all descended Jean Sanson (Jason) de la Grange, age 26, of Noyars, who left LaRochelle, France on May 28, 1719 on the flute, LaMarie, commanded by Monsieur Jappe.

LaGrange, who was 5' 3" tall and had auburn hair, was a weaver-soldier and a recruit in the Company of the West. (Louisiana Colonials-Soldiers & Vagabonds, by Winston de Ville).

With him were his wife, Marie Ferdinande, and their daughter, Isabelle Jansot. Research shows that the family settled in Mobile where his son, Jean Baptiste, was born in 1728. Jean Baptiste married Marie Fonteneau (Fontenot), born in Mobile in 1729 and died in 1820. The family then traveled to Louisiana, where they settled on the German Coast. Their son, Henri, was born there. (See below)

Other sources have intimated that the LaGrange family is the same as the Huguenot de la Granges, but I have never been able to prove or disprove this. There has been speculation that John LaGrange, born in 1630 in New Rochelle, France, and settled in New York, was the same as Jean Jason. However simple subtraction shows that if that were so, Jean would have been 89 and not 16 when he arrived in Mobile. It is certainly conceivable that he could, however, have been a son or grandson of that John.

Some others say that two LaGranges came to the New World: one, a salt smuggler, and another, a count. I’ve never been able to connect to either one of those.

Neither one of the theories can be discounted, but one must go with what can be documented. For instance, reference is made to LaGrange in the will of Jean Girardin, living at the German Coast in 1765. The will, made before D’Arensbourg, states: “Also given to the poor are 200 libres due Girardsin for which notes are in the hands of Monsieur LaGrange in the Illinois Territory (Calendar of Louisiana Colonial Documents, Vol. III, St. Charles Parish, p. 32, 1765-154, Sept. 14, containing three pages, 459, 460, 462).

A Jacqueline LaGrange, daughter of Jean LaGrange and Marguerite Boure, was born in 1640, and Vol. XII #45 of the New Orleans Genesis, covering baptisms at St. John the Baptist, from March 12, 1796 to April 8, 1817, are listed those of Cyprien, age 46; Jean, 11 (born in 1785?); Alexander, 102B; Celeste, 7e, 74; Rose Evelinne, 117B, and Ursin, 146.

Jacqueline married (1) Michel Theodore, Sept. 16, 1658 at Montreal; (2) Laurent Glory, on July 23, 1664; and (3) Nicolas Roqueneau on Nov. 27, 1681, at la Pointe aux Trembles de Montreal, according to Tanguay.

A Jean LaGrange, who was a sergeant, born in 1662, died March 23, 1689 at Montreal, according to Tanguay. He had apparently married Madeliene Ducharme on Jan. 2, 1687 at Montreal. The small Drouin has that Jean, a sargeant of Mr. de St. Cyr, and Madelaine were signed a marriage contract before the notary, Maugue, on Feb. 17, 1686.

A Joseph Louis Lagrange (1736-1813) was a famed mathematician/physicist, born in Turin, Italy, who, with euler and the Bernoullis, developed the calculus of variations for dealing with mechanics, among other subjects, so the name continues in Europe. He died april 10, 1813 in Paris. His name at baptism was Giuseppe Lodovico Lagrangia. His father was Giuseppe Francesco Lodovico Lagrangia, treasurer of the Office of Public Works and fortifications in Turin. His mother, Teresa Grosso, was the only daughter of a medical doctor from Cambiano near Turin. Joseph Louis was the oldest of 11 children, but one of only two who lived to adulthood.

The family had French connections on his father’s side. His great-grandfather had been a French cavalry captain who left France to work for the Duke of Savoy when Turin was the capital aof the duchy of Savoy. It is said in his biography that Louis Joseph always leaned towards his French ancestry and signed himself Lofdovico LaGrangae, or Luigi Lagrange, using the French form of his family name.

As interesting as all of this may be, there is nothing tangible to say that the extant family there is any relation to the American ones. As in many cases in genealogy, one can only wonder.

The Lagrange family history is also muddled with research that points to LaGrange having been a dit name for Moreau. And indeed, in Louisiana, the LaGrange and Moreau families did form a union. This is another avenue to be explored, as is the dit Colin (or Cotin) name.

The information on this page is set in family group foremat and should be easy for someone to track a family line by checking under the groom’s name.If neither of the spouses is a LaGrange, then an entry will be alphabetized according to the surname of the spouse. The groups will not necessarily include all of the children in a particular family because the compilation is based on individual personal research. However, hopefully, it will provide a map of sorts for one to follow in checking family lines.

Adeline LaGrange, daughter of Sylvere LaGrangae and Macee Haines, married Phillip Hebert, son of Jean Baptiste Hebert and Zoe Viano, May 20, 1875, Frankcrt v9-1 p133, Frank. v1 p116. An Adeline LaGrange married a Zyphrin Dupont at Frankl. v9-1 p 68. Is this the same Adeline who obtained license to marry two different men, or is it another?)?

Adelina LaGrange died Dec. 8, 1874 at 43 years of age, Franklin v1 p10
Alida LaGrange, daughter of Treville Lagrange and Felonise Olivier, m. Caliste Artigue, son of Bertrand Artigue, a native of Haute-Garonne, who died June 6, 1861 at 60 years (arn v1 p6), and Angelique Fongui, Aug. 21, 1872, ocrt 7178, Jan. 16, 1873, GC v4 p33. Alida died May 19, 1879 at 25 years, Arn v1 p41

Alta LaGrange born August 11, 1904, daughter of Emile LaGrange and Eudesse Wyble, married Arista Olivier, born January 16, 1936, son of Albert Olivier and Virginia LaGrange, on April 16. 1992, at Arnaudville.

  1. Son, name unknown
  2. Dalton Olivier
  3. Preston Olivier, b.
  4. Esther Olivier, b.
  5. Eula Mae Olivier, b.
  6. Russell Olivier, b.
  7. Audrey Olivier, b.
  8. Leland Olivier, b.
  9. Earline Olivier, b.
  10. Anna Lou Olivier, b.
  11. Shirley Olivier, b.
  12. Melanie Olivier, b.

Amelia LaGrange, daughter of Lastie LaGrange and Caroline Taylor, married Joseph Levi Young, (In suc. of Jean Lastie LaGrange, March 1836, ocrt #660) son of Joseph Young and Marie Louise Rattel April 16, 1844, ocrt #114, April 17, 1844 slc v2 p240. Her succession dated Dec. 17, 1772, ocrt 3614.

(A)Paulin LaGrange, son of Sosthene LaGrange and Julie Stelly, married 1) Rosalie Frederick, daughter of Antoine Frederick and Elizabeth Leger, Jan. 15, 1878, Arn v2 p98; 2) Marie Adeline Chotin, daughter of Andre Chautin and Polymyre Guidroz on Oct. 24, 1879 ocrt 11049, Nov. 18, 1879, Arn. v2 p133. Rosalie Chautin died March 1, 1879 at age 20, Arn. v1 p40

Atelisnare (Alexandre Thelismar) LaGrange m. Roseline St. Cyr, April 4, 1856, W 1439; m. July 7, 1867, Arn v2 p9—”married civilly many years ago”—note of the priest.

  1. Joseph Dumas LaGrange, b. Feb. 20, 1860, Arn. v2 p25
  2. Eleonore Guidry
  3. Marie Alide LaGrange, b. Oct. 5, 1869, Arn v2 p84
  4. Jean Baptiste LaGrange, b. Aug. 20, 1862, Arn v2 p40
  5. Marie Louise LaGrange, b. May 10, 1867, Arn v. 2 p62; m. Louis T. Lanclos
  6. Joseph Leon LaGrange, b. Sept. 11, 1871, Arn v2 p112
  7. Marie Eve LaGrange, b. July 28, 1873, Arn v3 p115; d. Aug. 9, 1878 at five years, Arn. v2 p102
  8. Joseph Cleo LaGrange, b. Sept. 4, 1875, Arn. v3 p148
  9. Marie Alexina LaGrange, b. Dec. 13, 1877, Arn v3 p208
  10. Joseph Meonce LaGrange, b. Aug. 3, 1880, Arn. v3 p280
  11. Marie Aureline LaGrange, b. Aug. 4, 1864, Arn v2 p47; (probably Marie Roseline, who d. Aug. 26, 1868 at age 4 years, Arn v1 p2)

Azelie LaGrange, daughter of Paul LaGrange and EugenieF Marks, m. Antoine Frederick, son of Charles Frederick and Marguerite Tuilly, April 11, 1891, ocrt #6469, Arn v2 p28.

  1. Joseph Medar Frederic, b. June 8, 1872, GC v3 p65

Azemma LaGrange, daughter of Paul LaGrange and Eugenie Marks, married Benjamin J. Kidder of St. Martin parish, son of Jean Kidder and Helene LaGrange, June 7, 1856, ocrt #1459; June 23, 1856, GC v3 p81; marriage contract, June 28, 1856, ocrt Donations v2 p206. Hebert lists another marriage on Feb. 4, 1878, ocrt #10389.

  1. Benjamin Chapman Kidder, b. June 25, 1857, Arn v2 p7
  2. Irma Kidder, b. June 24, 1860, Arn v2 p28
  3. Marie Eugenie Kidder, b. Nov. 18, 1858, Arn v2 p19

Bernard LaGrange, son of Sylvere LaGrange and Macee Haines, m. La Laurentia Deslattes, daughter of Noel Deslattes and Clemence Rogers, St. Nicholas Ch., Lydia, v1 p126, Box 368 Lydia (formerly Patoutville)

  1. Cecilia Elizabeth LaGrange, b. June 8, 1876, Lydia v1 p108
  2. Agathe Malvina LaGrange, b. April 23, 1878, Lydia v1 p151; d. Aug. 17, 1878 at fur months, Lydia v1 p32
  3. Sylvere LaGrange, b. Feb. 4, 1878, Lydia v1 p141
  4. Adolph Franklin LaGrange, b. June 26, 1879, Lydia Ch v1 p182
  5. Joseph Rivers LaGrange, b. Feb. 5, 1881, Lydia v1 p208; d. May 5, 1882, at 15 months, Lydia v1 p56
  6. Charles LaGrange, b. April 28, 1993, Lydia v2 p30

Catherine LaGrange, daughter of Paul LaGrange and Eugenie Marks, m. Oscar Quebedeaux, son of Antoine Quebedeaux and Melanie Bertrand, Oct. 9, 1869, ocrt #5549, Oct. 26, 1869, Arn. v2 p17.

  1. Marie Melanie Quebedeaux, b. Aug. 5, 1870, Arn v2 p91

Celestine LaGrange m. Francois Quebedeaux; d. Oct. 21, 1864, at 70 years, GC v1 p154; Suc. dated Oct. 9, 1865, stm #1887; also Sept. 14, 1865 ocrt #2733

Clothilde LaGrange, daughter of Celestine LaGrange, b. Nov. 9, 1879 at Mermentau, Rayne Church v2 p94
Elizabeth LaGrange, daughter of Paul LaGrange and Eugenie Marks, married Andeole Quebedeaux, son of Antoine Quebedeaux and Melanie Bertrand, ocrt #2588, July 3, 1865, GC v3 p196.

Emile LaGrange, born April 18, 1881 at Arnaudville, son of Hypolite LaGrange and Emilia Olivier, married (E)udese Vable (Wyble), daughter of Edmund Vable and Euphrosine Vabe, on Oct. 1, 1902 at Arnaudville. He died ___________. She died July 21, 1964 at Arnaudville. Both are buried in St. Francis Regis Church Cemetery in Arnaudville.


  1. Alta LaGrange, b. Aug. 11, 1904; m. 1) Arista Olivier; 2) Theophile Carrier
  2. Joseph Evans LaGrange, b. April 7, 1907; m. Mabel Marie Saizan
  3. Daniel LaGrange, born Jan. 22, 1912; m. 1) Alma Moreau; 2) Louise Zeringue
  4. Edmond LaGrange, b. Dec. 24, 1915; m. Louise saizan
  5. Alida LaGrange, b. April 26, 1909; m. Aval LeJeune
  6. Lucille LaGrange, m. 1) Jesse Thibodeaux; 2) Frank Mouton
  7. Maurice Lagrange, b. April 1, 1918; m. Odile Rivette

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